Custom-made hydraulic cylinders

Do you need custom-made, hydraulic cylinders? Our company offers them in all sizes, from large cylinders, used in the off-shore and dredging industry, to small cylinders, used in mega yachts.

Repair, overhaul and modification

Besides producing custom-made WDH cylinders, we also repair, and modify them ; even those from other builders. Time and time again, our short lines of communication turn out to be a powerful force in any field.

Related Operations

We regularly provide machining services for products related to cylinders products such as large piping constructions, manifolds (basic and module blocks), pins, and bushings.

Rotary joint and piston accumulators

  • Sometimes a standard rotary joint does not suffice, for example, for extremely big diameters and high speeds of rotation in combination with high pressure. WDH has developed gaskets that are sufficiently able to handle these factors under such conditions.
  • The piston accumulators that we develop and produce are easily adaptable to meet your specific needs.

Activity in various sectors

WDH Cylinders works for companies in the following sectors:

  • Maritime: offshore, dredging, shipbuilding, super yacht building
  • Industrial: steel mills, press manufacturers, civil-lift  and heavy-lift companies.

“WDH has been one of our regular suppliers for years. Even the ‘paperwork’ is in excellent hands. The professionals who work for their company are open to new ideas and concepts. WDH understands our worldwide market.”

“WDH’s efforts are of extreme importance to us. We keep on raising the bar, and WDH has understood that very well. Our collaboration has been great for 20 years already, and it gives us confidence for the future”.