Dynamic testing rotary joint

By Monday May 1st, 2017Geen categorie

At WDH, all products are extensively tested. In order to verify the resistance of the seals under pressure, a static pressure test is usually performed. But In this case, because it concerns a rotary joint, also a dynamic test is performed.

Rotary joints are located in the places where the oil is transported through rotating parts of the equipment. This rotary joint ensures that there is no limitation in the rotation angle and is mounted on a slip ring in an offshore crane.

During this dynamic test, the rotation movement of an offshore crane is simulated, by means of the manipulator that is built on top. The rotary joint is subjected to high and varying pressure for 20 minutes to determine the pumping effect of the seals and to test whether the seals are properly working.

In order to perform the test in a safe way, the rotary joint is placed vertically in our assembly pit.