Theme park fit again for years to come

By Monday January 15th, 2018Geen categorie

At the largest theme park in The Netherlands there was a need to repair one of their main attractions. One of their partners put them in contact with WDH Hydraulics. They were trying to find a reliable and professional company to take care of the hydraulic cylinders in the attraction. Not only did inspection body Vinçotte place high demands on the cylinders, there was also a tight deadline. WDH was the right partner for the job!

Open, effective, fast and professional

According to the asset manager of this theme park it was clear from the beginning that WDH was the right supplier of hydraulic cylinders. By offering professional suggestions from the very beginning, and by an open, effective and fast way of communication during the trajectory, it was the beginning of a smart cooperation.

New cylinders and modification trunnion

In the specific attraction there have been built two new main hydraulic cylinders and the turning part has been outfitted with a new cylinder. Apart from that, the complete trunnion, which holds the main cylinders, has been modified by WDH. As a result, this attraction is fit again for many years to come.

Short lines of communication enable swift adaption

“Cooperation between WDH and our own technicians, engineers and inspectors went very smoothly. It’s clear that short lines of communication are the standard at WDH – they adapt very swiftly. They fulfil their promises, meet agreements, and, like us, know how to deal with stress and time pressure,” according to our satisfied client.