Hydraulic Cylinders

WDH produces all sizes of hydraulic cylinders for the maritime and industrial sectors. The variety of cylinders is enormous – from large cylinders that are used in offshore and dredging industries, to the smaller cylinders for mega yachts. We pay equal attention to all of the products and projects.

Our hydraulic cylinders can also be fitted with a hydraulic clamping device. A clamping device is activated as soon as the pressure in the hydraulic systems drops. This prevents any uncontrolled movement, which ensures safety.

Rotary joints

Rotary joints are located in the places where the oil is transported through rotating parts of the equipment. In extreme conditions, standard rotary joints do not suffice. Think of the huge diameters and high speeds of rotation combined with high pressures.

For these conditions, WDH has developed special seals For some demanding customers we could not use standard solutions, so therefore we took the initiative and designed our own solution.

Piston accumulators

WDH develops and produces customer specific piston accumulators that are easily adaptable to meet special requirements. The materials we use are:

  • C steal
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Aluminum

Our piston accumulators can reach up to 1,000 bar operating pressure. The piston speed depends on the exact application and the sealing solution. If needed, they can be designed and produced according to Lloyds and DNV requirements among others.