Special department for repair, overhaul and modification

Because downtime can have a great financial impact for customers, the WDH team makes every effort to ensure downtime is reduced to a minimum. How do we achieve this for you?

WDH has a special department that focuses solely on repair, overhaul and modification of hydraulic cylinders, our own as well as those from other companies.

The high quality repair service is designed to minimize your downtime by providing you with a speedy, reliable, comprehensive and cost effective repair service. Also here, our short communication lines work well. You want your faulty equipment to be operational as soon as possible. This requires fast acting, short communication lines and flexibility. You only have to inform us about your issue once and thereafter, in close consultation with your organization, we will take the appropriate next steps. WDH is also there for you in real urgent repair situations.

Related Services

Our professional team and machinery enable us to take on challenging work through activities such as milling, turning, boring, drilling, sawing, grinding, honing and welding. WDH has a number of conventional lathes, CNC lathes and milling machines. Therefore we are always able to opt for the most efficient processing method.

We regularly perform machining services on products related to hydraulic cylinders, such as:

  • large piping constructions
  • manifolds (basic and module blocks)
  • pins
  • bearing bushes

Assembly and welding services are also part of the related work we can perform for you.

We are specialized in the processing of forgings and castings and we can work with the following materials and products:

  • high-grade steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum castings
  • welding assemblies

Our certified team of welders is capable of constructing weld assemblies. The WDH welding department is certified for MIG / MAG and TIG welding processes. The process of submerged arc welding is also certified.


Everything is done in-house

After being granted the order, we will go through all details with you. All molds and clamping tools are then made in-house. This involvement from A to Z causes the production processes to run smoothly and without problems.