WDH – Partner of InMotion

By Friday January 20th, 2017Geen categorie

InMotion is a team of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. The team focuses on building a revolutionary race car, an electric car for The 24 Hours of Le Mans-race.

Their goal is to participate in 2020 in the “Garage 56” class at Le Mans, with their innovative concept. This year’s goals are to break the electric lap record at Circuit Park Zandvoort, and they are aiming to beat the Nürburgring all-time record.

WDH Hydraulics was happy to provide some help in the process of realizing the race car and achieving their goals. WDH milled the position markers and anchorages into the monocoque. Only by means of precision work, the car is similar to the digital design. Furthermore WDH Hydraulics contributed to the connections in the high voltage system.