WDH supplies cylinders for world’s largest and most efficient backhoe dredger: the Magnor

By Wednesday February 22nd, 2017Geen categorie

WDH is proud to say that the digging system of the world’s largest backhoe “The Magnor” is equipped with 12 WDH cylinders.

In consultation with the client’s technical specialists, WDH came up with a customer-specific design. The double-acting hydraulic cylinders, with strokes ranging from 2 to 5 meters, are suitable for use in the most extreme conditions. It is a high-quality design with forged and casted parts instead of welded joints, because of better fatigue behavior. In addition, an extra bearing is placed in order to maintain stability.

WDH also designed build the rotary joint, the interface between the vessel and digger.

In 2010, WDH had already the honor to supply the hydraulic cylinders for the Magnor’s predecessor, the Baldur.

Source: Boskalis.com