WDH – Cylinders for the civil market

By Monday March 20th, 2017Geen categorie

WDH is, besides the maritime and industrial sector, also an active player in the civil sector. Customers know to find WDH when it comes to repair, maintenance and design of hydraulic cylinders for bridges and locks.

A good example is a recent project that concerned designing and building the hydraulic cylinder for this bridge. Dirt falling on the cover of the cylinder caused problems, resulting in a leaking cylinder. Therefore the client had to built a dip tray around the cylinder.

WDH reviewed the design of the cylinder and proposed a new design of the cover. The new design includes a custom seal package including an extra scraper, which ensures that dirt cannot enter the cylinder.

The cylinder is designed, produced and tested according to the Rijkswaterstaat NBD06000 standard. This standard contains the requirements for the design, assembly, transportation, installation, and acceptance of hydraulic moving parts for moveable bridges, flood defences and their specific parts. The norm applies to new build, modification and repair situations. An important aspect of this standard is an extensive fatigue analysis.